Hand Crafted, Cold Pressed Soap, Made in Oregon

The story about little ole me.......
Being a stay at home mom of 2 small boys, I got use to the schedule they set for me. The domestic duties, the yoga pants (that I never wore to yoga) and the lack of something that was just mine. After a few years I got use to the question "so...your just a stay at home mom"? Oh how I will miss that question now that I can say "bless your heart, why no darling I started my own business while being a stay at home mom".
So one day I told my friend to come over and make a batch of soap with me. She laughed then came over! So we made a batch of cold processed soap and once it was ready I used it. I had no idea I was going to love it and later become obsessed with the entire process but that is exactly what happened!
I've always been a lotion, cream & body oil snob and since I used my first bar that I made myself I have put away all those products. I found out very quickly that my skin was so moisturized after my shower that I didn't need any other products. Which works out really well for me considering their are 2 little monsters in my bathroom that let me know when I'm taking too long! I'm proud to say that I have made it my goal to continue making organic skin care products & expand in time.
I want to go back to simpler times & use simple ingredients. I use all organic oils & butters, pure essential oils and the slow, cold process soap making method that was use long, long ago. Its also known as the best process for your skin.

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